Sequim Sunshine Cafe

The Sunshine Cafe is proof that local residents take their local landmarks seriously.
While Sequim’s downtown changes all around it much for the community’s economic health and welfare. Sequim locals like the fact that the Sunshine Cafe has humbly defied change. They like it just the way it is, and has been for more than 35 years.
Perhaps it’s the rural feel and look. The Sunshine Cafe makes you feel like your back in your mother’s kitchen, reliving simpler times. It’s the kind of place Sequim residents still sip coffee place and spread the news.
As the “walkabout” restaurant in downtown Sequim. Sunshine Cafe is the “go to” place for those who work and live in the area. … and the one place locals bring their visiting family and friends to sample a taste of sunny Sequim.
Allen and Dianne Drake are currently responsible for maintaining our local culinary landmark, and as dedicated owners have worked hard to build and maintain a smiling, loyal clientele. We wholeheartedly believe the residents of Sequim are the Sunshine.